My name is Miguel Velez, I'm studying Computer Science. Why? videogames, I enjoy to play them, or create them. Also I'm a musician and a coffee maniac.

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Just playing guitar *w*
#Afi #MissMurder

Here is my friend, “The Animal”, playing Miss Murder, AFI. Enjoy bitches.

Oh my god stop calling me Animal


Muse stage porn

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CM Punk at San Diego Comic Con

:( maybe next year

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Just playing guitar *w*
#Afi #MissMurder

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Check out some of the beautiful locations from Ocarina of Time in Hyrule Warriors!  More information + screens will be coming from Comic Con over the next few days.

All the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS Stages so far.

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I want to go to another Muse concert :(

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- plug in baby -